Magic Lantern glass photo slide Parseval balloon 1909-1914

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Magic Lantern photo slide with image of German Parseval balloon.

Slide #18 of 24 from Series XXVIII, produced in Germany by Unger & Hoffmann A.G. from Dresden,  Nord-Amerika 2. Teil : von New Orleans bis San Francisco (lecture: Projektion für Alle  (1906-1914)

Serie XXVIII. No.18 Parseval Balloon

Parseval balloon flying over city. 

Labels on slide in English, French and German.:

The germany ballon of Parseval   Der deutsche Parseval Ballon.  Le allemand ballon de Parseval,

3¼ inches (8.3cm) square


The Parsevals were 22 airships built between 1909 and 1919 by the Luft-Fahrzeug-Gesellschaft (LFG) following the design of August von Parseval. 

In contrast to the Zeppelins, the Parsevals were non-rigid or semi-rigid airships, with little or no stiffening structure inside the fabric envelope. The Zeppelins had a rigid internal framework made of duralumin. Both types relied on hydrogen gas to provide lift.



Lantern slides were the first projected images, dating back to the mid 17th century. Originally made with drawn images on glass, lantern slides became a hugely popular base for photography well into the 1900s before slowly being replaced by celluloid film slides.

Displayed through a magic lantern projector, lantern slides could be coloured in with paint or ink and were made by everyone from amateur photographers, to school teachers, to government agencies.