Magic Lantern glass photo African American hut Mississippi 1906-1914

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Magic Lantern photo slide with image of wooden shacks housing African-Americans., located by railway line in Mississippi.

Slide #4 of 24 from Series XXVIII, produced in Germany by Unger & Hoffmann A.G. from Dresden,  Nord-Amerika 2. Teil : von New Orleans bis San Francisco (lecture: Projektion für Alle  (1906-1914)

Serie XXVIII. No.4 Ne**o Hut in Mississippi

Labels on slide in English, French and German.:

Ne**o huts.   Negerhutten im Staate Mississippi  Canane de negre.

3¼ inches (8.3cm) square

Lantern slides were the first projected images, dating back to the mid 17th century. Originally made with drawn images on glass, lantern slides became a hugely popular base for photography well into the 1900s before slowly being replaced by celluloid film slides.

Displayed through a magic lantern projector, lantern slides could be coloured in with paint or ink and were made by everyone from amateur photographers, to school teachers, to government agencies.