Magic lantern advertising slide lunch “The Sweet Palace” early 1900s #3 of 3

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" For a light lunch, try coming here”
 “The Sweet Palace H. FAIAD Proprietor”


'The Art League, New York/ Illustrated Advertising & Post Cards'

Scarce item.

Art League appears to have been in operation from 1905-1918, located at 298 Broadway NYC.

Good condition, some of the wording and design has melted at bottom affecting text/images.

Glass slide,

8 x 10 cm.


Magic lanterns, also known as optical lanterns, provided one of the most popular forms of entertainment during their heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries, establishing many of the first 2-D special effects. Using an artificial light source and a combination of lenses, these devices enlarged small transparency images or miniature models and projected them onto a wall or screen. While most magic lanterns were designed as simple wooden boxes fitted with a handful of precision brass parts, a few were ornately decorated with exotic painted scenes or engraved metal casings.