Late 1800s advertising for Jos Cunha’s Cigars New Bedford MA

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Great image of Scottish couple crossing bridge, woman carrying bagpipes, dog waiting on other side.

Fine Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes & Snuff
            AT JOS CUNHA'S
125 1-2 Union St., New Bedford, Mass.
         ESTABLISHED 1867


Printed by 'Gies & Co. Buffalo N.Y.'

Joseph Cunha was also known as 'Cheap John'. He was a native of Brazil.

Blank back.

Nice condition

7.5 x 11 cm //  3” x 4 ⅜”

Gies & Co., Buffalo, New York: This New York firm was co-founded by Charles Gies (1846-1922), and George H. Dunston (1851-1911), as Gies & Co, Buffalo, NY (1870 - c. 1922). It was a prominent publishing and printing establishment of original fine lithographic posters and engravings dealing with a vast variety of subjects. Their more commercial products included certificates, bookbinding, trade cards, labels, post cards and calendars and other advertising material and their firm also published, pamphlets, catalogues and books, Gies & Co., Buffalo, New York shut down its operations around 1922.