Kellogg Sports Library - BASEBALL 1934

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Printed by Kellogg company, with baseball related advertising and How-to's of baseball play

Interesting insight into the baseball of the early 1930s!

'The editorial matter in this book has been compiled and organized by the staff of The American Boy Magazine'

Stories of famous players of the times are sprinkled throughout the text.


  • 'Find Your Position' Senators Joe Cronin, Tigers Charlie Gehringer
  • 'Develop Your own Style' 1933 Giants shortstop John C. Ryan
  • 'Pitching' - curve. fastball,change of pace, sidearm/underarm/overarm, study the batter,strategy,etc.. Christy Mathewson, Tigers Tommy Bridges, 1933 Giants World Series pitcher Carl Hubbell...
  • 'Catching' Tigers Mickey Cochrane
  • 'Batting' - selecting a bat, style tips,etc...Babe Ruth, Rogers Hornsby, Ty Cobb...
  • 'Infielding' - 1st base, 2nd, 3rd, shortstop,etc... Detroit Charlie Gehringer, Harry Davis, Roger Peckinpaugh, Giants Bill Terry...
  • 'Outfielding' 1933 Washington Goose Goslin, Tris Speaker, Al Simmons...
  • 'Base Running' Ty Cobb
  • 'Statistics you should know'
    • Greatest Offensive Record: Ty Cobb
    • Greatest Pitching Record: Cy Young
    • Perfect Games: 1880, 1880,1904 (Cy Young), 1908,1917, 1922
    • Highest Batting Averages.....
46 pages, ads on inside and back covers.

UR corner folds. Fresh colors. Spot of yellowing near center staple on back page.