Joseph Binder patriotic railway card ~1952

$45.00 CAD

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Essential to industry…vital to defence


Printed by Association of American Railroads Washington, D.C.

Super iconic image by Joseph Binder. His posters command high prices.

One-sided card, on thick paper.

Fresh colors, fine+ condition.

8 X 14.5 cm


Joseph Binder (1898 – 1972) Joseph Binder was an Austrian-born designer widely regarded as one of the "Most Influential Modern Graphic Designers".  He designed elegant compositions and reduced the subjects of his design into simple geometric forms, using color contrasts to stress their features. He believed in psychological impact of colors.  His clear, simplified compositional style revolutionized commercial art in the United States and in Europe. He received numerous awards from the New York Art Directors Club and was the winner of the poster competition for the 1939 New York World’s Fair.  In 1948, he was appointed as the art director and designer for the U.S. Navy.  The posters he created during the early to mid-1950’s inspired American travel and are still in much sought after and continue to be quite rare.