German propaganda photograph Hitler meeting army officer (pre-war)

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                       Sammelwerk Nr. 15

                           ADOLF HITLER

                       Bild Nr. 43 Gruppe 64

  Ein Kamerad aus dem Feld besucht den Führer

                     Compilation No. 15

                          ADOLF HITLER

                   Image No. 43 Group 64

   A Comrade from the Field visits the Leader


Hitler meeting with decorated Army officer (Iron Cross).

One of a series of cigarette card photos.  Photo by Heinrich Hoffmann.

Glue remnants on back corners where mounted in album.

8 x 12 cm //  3 ⅛” X 4 ¾” 

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo)


Note: The sale of this item in no way supports the actions or philosophies of the Axis powers. I am selling the historical record. 


Heinrich Hoffmann (1885 – 1957) was a German photographer, art dealer, art collector, and magazine publisher who was for many years Adolf Hitler's official photographer and a part of his intimate circle. Historian Alan Bullock succinctly described Hoffmann as an "earthy Bavarian with a weakness for drinking parties and hearty jokes" who "enjoyed the license of a court jester" with Hitler.