Early 1900s Raphaeil Tuck Black Americans Valentine postcard

$30.00 CAD

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Young African American boy in straw hat dancing. Raphael Tuck postcard (UK).

I’m “cuttin’ up“ now, for it’s fine To have yo’ fo’ mah’ Valentine

Artist is F. Brundage

On back:

Raphael Tuck  & Sons, « Valentine Post Cards »  Series 108 Art Publishers to Their Majesties The King & Queen

Mailed to Providence RI.


Undivided back.

Smudges on back.


Raphael Tuck & Sons was a business started by Raphael Tuck and his wife in Bishopsgate in the City of London in October 1866, selling pictures and greeting cards, and eventually selling postcards, which was their most successful line. Their business was one of the best known in the "postcard boom" of the late 1890s and early 1900s.