Early 1900s photo – KerMaria Convent School Pincher Creek AB

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Written in French on matte “Pensionnat des Filles de Jesus – Pincher Creek Alberta Canada”:  ‘Filles de Jesus Convent School…’

On back it is dedicated in French “A ma marraine Sr Ml St. Alfred”: ‘To my godmother Sister Miss St. Alfred’. Since the school was run by French nuns, can assume it was sent by one of them to her godmother.

The Filles de Jesus established first private Catholic school in Pincher Creek (in 1904) as well as its first hospital.

Photo mounted on light brown cardboard matte.

Small stain on cardboard, some light creases on corners. Small white spot on photo UR.

10 x 13 cm photo.

18 x 21.5 cm card 


The Reverend Father Lacombe was instrumental in the establishment of the Pincher Creek convent. He invited the Filles de Jesus from Trois-Rivieres (QC) and sisters St. Guenole, St. Alimene and St. Oneour as its first teachers.


In 1904, too, the Ker Maria Convent was built for two sisters of “Les Filles de Jesus” who had arrived that January to educate the area’s Catholic children and open a small hospital. Too that year, Fr. Lacombe returned to see to the construction of a crude sanctuary, the “Ermitage Saint-Michel,” in which he resided for five years, likely finishing his English/Blackfoot dictionary, before moving north to Midnapore near Calgary to establish an old-folks hospice wherein he died in 1916.