Dr Kilmer's U&O Meadow Plant Anointment - Advertising trade Card (late 1800's)

$10.00 CAD

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Advertising trade card of miracle cure for many ailments!

Nice image of man hunting in countryside

Text on back.."it cools, soothes and cures joint-fever and joint-settlings, nervous-aches, lime-crusting, rheumatic joints, head and brain aches, hard and clumsy joints, spine-aches, bone-marrow disease, heartaches, bone-grumbling and throbbing, stomach-aches, sciatic rheumatism, throat-aches, fever sores and scrofula ulcers, back and kidney aches, syphilitic bone swellings, withering muscles, palsied limbs, shrunken cords, crippled fingers and toes, swollen glands, knotted bunches, pimples, skin diseases, tetter, eczema, salt rheum, frost bites, cancer growths, tumors, scald head. For sore or weak lungs or consumption, lame back, kidney pains, bladder catarrh, gravel, groin swelling, lumps in the breast. For chafing, sore eyes, croup, whopping cough, mumps…"

Fresh colors. Back has some staining, small amount of which has migrated to front. Some paper chips on back affecting text.

7.5 x 13 cm


'Among the most successful were Dr. Kilmer and his brother: their fortune was estimated in the 1890s at $10,000,000 to $15,000,000. And no wonder! Their remedies were indeed miraculous (as well as "electric and magnetic"), curing a wide variety of diseases, many of the Kilmers' own imagining.'

Source: Pilgrim Hall Museum