1882 London UK Vignerons Bordelais wine order Seward Bordeaux merchant

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Letter with order for wine on letterhead of the Vignerons Bordelais of London UK, headed by Charles F. Casella, to Seward, wine merchant of Bordeaux.

Charles F. Casella
147 Holborn Bars
London E.C.
20th February 1882
H. Seward Esq.
45 Rue Verginaud
Dear Sir,
Please forward me as soon as possible
6 doz in 1 doz cases ‘Grand Pougeauxè
3 doz “     “         “      ‘Chablisè
3 doz “     “         “      ‘Beauneè
3 doz “     “         “      ‘Chambertinè
I also require 2 or 3 of each of the following Wines in small bottles as samples
Haut Sauterne
Be so good as to let the Burgundies as well as Clarets to have my labels
Yours faithfully
C.F. Casella


Horizontal fold, 4 pages, few toning spots.

20 x 13 cm


Charles Frederick Casella (1852-1916) of C. F. Casella and Co

  • Educated at Ushaw College, Durham, after which he spent time in Paris and at the university in Bonn.
  • 1871 Living at South Grove, St. Pancras: father Louis P. Casella Scientific Instrument Maker 
  • He was a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and a member of the Society of Engineers.
  • 1885 Mr. C. F. Cassela was elected as member of the Physical Society.
  • 1897 On his father's death he was left in charge of the family business, Louis Casella and Co.


Adet Seward S.A. It was founded in 1852 and specialized in being one of the most important wine merchants of Chateau wines of Bordeaux. Back in a day they were making brandies as well.