1880s USA Buffalo Pitts horse-drawn agricultural machine trade card

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Attractive trade card advertising for horse-drawn piece of  agricultural machinery. Manufactured by The Pitts Agricultural Works in Buffalo N.Y.

Back has very ornate design, much more than complex than typical trade cards. List of the awards the company has won and exhibitions they have participated in.

Awarded at International Exhibition Philadelphia 1876
Gold Medal Paris Exposition 
Bronze Medal Chilian Exposition 1875  
First Premium Centennial St Louis Exposition
First Premium North Western National Exposition

Some small paper scuffs on back. Small glue remnants LL.

3 ¼” x 5 ¾”

Twin brothers Hiram A. Pitts and John A. Pitts of Winthrop, Me., were granted a series of patents beginning in 1834. In 1837 they patented a new type of thresher, a "continuous apron" style,.. John Pitts moved to Buffalo in 1851 or '52 and established his own agricultural equipment manufacturing firm, the John A. Pitts Company. On John's death in 1859 the business was taken over by son Calvin Pitts and son-in-law James Brayley...

Beginning in 1880 the Buffalo Pitts Co. made products such as  steam traction engines and portable steam engines. By 1900 the company was no longer thriving, and in 1914 it entered receivership. A 1915 catalog had only steam engines, the other product lines having been either discontinued or sold off..

Meanwhile, the manufacture of steam engines continued under the Buffalo Pitts banner. Unfortunately the 1910s was the end of the steam engine era, and lacking the financial resources to modernize its product line, the Buffalo Pitts company faded away