Cookbook pamphlet ‘Cooking with COLD’ from Kelvinator c. 1930s

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Cooking With Cold.

To the modern woman who looks on home-making as both a science and an art…who appreciate the importance of good foods and attractive meals appetizingly served…the makers of Kelvinator dedicate this book…in the hope that she will find in it much to help her in the fulfilment of her undertakings.

Published by ‘Kelvin Kitchen – Kelvinator Sales Corporation – Detroit Mich.’


Sections include:

  • Appetizers (Cape Cod Cocktail,…
  • Entrees (Molded Lamb with Fruit,…)
  • Salads (Millionaire Salad,…)
  • Ices (Ginger Ale Ice,…)
  • Sherbets (Pineapple Kelsherb,…)
  • Mousses (Banana Peach Mousse,…)
  • Parfaits (Burnt Almond Parfait,…)
  • Ice Cream (Peanut Brittle Ice Cream,…)
  • Sponges (Peach Omelet,…)
  • Miscellaneous Desserts
  • Iced Beverages
  • Kelvinator Baking
  • Sandwiches
  • Hors oeuvres

Also sections of general information:

  • Care and use of Kelvinator
  • Refrigerator Remnants
  • Dessert Appointment
  • Entertaining with Kelvinator
  • Bridge Luncheon
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Informal Dinner
  • Buffet Supper
  • Children’s Party
  • The Art of Entertaining


Covers have creases. Front UR corner fold/small tear. One page with pencil notes.

52 pages + covers

5 ½” x 7 3⅜”


Kelvinator was a United States home appliance manufacturer and a line of domestic refrigerators that was the namesake of the company. It takes its name from William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, who developed the concept of absolute zero and for whom the Kelvin temperature scale is named. The name was thought appropriate for a company that manufactured ice-boxes and refrigerators.

Kelvinator was founded on September 18, 1914, in Detroit, Michigan, United States.