Chauffeur Chaff or Automobilia by Charles Welsh (1905)

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Chauffeur Chaff or Automobilia Edited by Charles Welsh
               Anecdotes Stories & Bon-Mots
      Also a history of the Evolution of the Automobile
                 H.M Caldwell Co. Boston

Owner signed 'Harold Richardson'

Blend of stories, poems, information, samples:

- The fascination of Automobilism
- Empty gasolene tancq (sic):
A fellow who drove a Darracq
Went into a race on the tracq
When he ran out of juice
He exclaimed "Oh, the duice:
My chances look horribly blacq!"
- Automobile alphabet
- Buying an automobile
- Motor musings
- An automobile glossary for Innocents
-The Chauffeur's Catechism

99 pages, 12 mo (6.5" X 4 3/4"), First edition.

VG-Fine, peeling off of image on cover, couple of pages have some minor staining, Inside cover has number written UL corner.

 A nice piece of early automobilia.