CDV photo Alexander White Winchester Virginia c. 1880s

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Photo of Alexander White, name written at bottom and dated ‘1919’ (year of death?). Taken by photographer Nathaniel Routzahn (1822-1908) who took a famous photo of Stonewall Jackson in 1862.

On back, card stamped: ‘N. ROUTZAHN MASONIC Hall Winchester Va.

Multiple dates and names written on back: ‘July 24,1918’, ‘ S..L. White January 30th 1910’, “Grandfather of Thos. Fife Snyder 2nd,etc.

Smudging front and back.

4 ⅛” x 2 ½”


Major Thomas Fife Snyder was born in Charlkeston,VA. In 1854…in 1880 established the Kanawha Military Institute in Charleston.

Nathaniel Routzahn (1822-1908)

He was engaged in his business as a photographer in this city during the Civil War and took was has been considered the best photograph of Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson, the famous Confederate leader. Mr. Routzahn often spoke of incident which occurred when taking the picture of the great Civil War hero. A button was missing from Jackson's uniform and when attention was called to it he quietly turned to a little box from which he brought forth a needle and thread, and in a few minutes the button was on in as neat a condition as any woman's hand could have done it.

Mr. Routhzahn was a photographer and for many years he was engaged in that business in the Masonic Temple building on North Main street, conducting it continuously until about 20 years ago (1888)…