Canadian political card 1945 federal election Lincoln County Ontario

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June 11, 1945 Canadian election.

Hand-out card for Mac Lockhart and John Bracken forProgressive Conservative candidates.

Thick paper.

Light red smudge middle.

10 x 23 cm


Norman James Macdonald Lockhart was born in Dunnville, Ontario and became a merchant by career.

The son of Norman Macdonald Lockhart and Charlotte Jane Blott, Lockhart attended public and high schools in Dunnville. He was a retailer of fuel and building supplies. He served on the St. Catharines, Ontario board of education from 1923 to 1934, and became the community's mayor in 1935.

He was first elected to Parliament at the Lincoln riding in the 1935 general election under the Conservative party banner and re-elected there in 1940 and 1945, during which time his party became known as the Progressive Conservatives. Lockhart did not stand for another term in office in the 1949 election.

John Bracken, PC (June 22, 1883 – March 18, 1969) was an agronomist, the 11th Premier of Manitoba (1922–1943) and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (1942–1948).

Despite having co-operated with the Liberals at the provincial level, Bracken was asked by a number of senior federal Conservatives (including Arthur Meighen) to take over the leadership of the weak national Conservative Party in 1942. He agreed to seek the party's leadership on the condition that it change its name to the Progressive Conservative Party. He was elected leader at the party's 1942leadership convention. Bracken stepped down as Manitoba premier shortly thereafter, and was succeeded by Stuart S. Garson.

Bracken did not seek a seat in the House of Commons until the 1945 Canadian election, which the Progressive Conservatives lost. Bracken won the rural seat of Neepawa and became Leader of the Opposition and remained leader of the Tories until he was pushed to resign in 1948.