Canada set of 2 cabinet card photos man, family, London Ontario

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Nice set of 2 cabinet photos from  London Ontario. One from Edy Bothers studio, second one from Westlake. 

Photo of man in fur hat (1878-1882)

Glued to card with company logo and information at bottom ‘Edy Brothers 280 Dundas Sr. London Ontario’.

Photo: 14 x 10 ½ cm   Card: 16 ½ x 10 ¾ cm

Photo of mother and her two children c. 1900

Glued to card with company logo impressed into card ‘Westlake London Ontario’. 

Light edge damage 

Photo: 13 ½" x 10 cm   Card: 17 x 10 ½ cm

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photos for sale)


The Edy Bros. Photography Studio was very much a family run business spanning several decades between the 1860's until the early 1920s in Brantford and London, Ontario, Canada. Brothers James Newbury (1843-1890) and William Daniel (1832-1916) were the original pair who established the business. William's son Leslie Eli (1864-1919) ran the business through the 1900s until his sudden death in 1919. Franklin William ran the business shortly after and ending the business by 1922. William Wellington Bogart, the brother of William D.'s daughter, Esther, worked briefly at the London studio in 1883 before opening his own studio in Newmarket.

Brantford and Area Studios

280 Dundas Street Studio, London Ontario (1878-1882),pair%20who%20established%20the%20business.