Canada postcard G.T.R. railway station North Bay Ontario @1910s

$12.00 CAD

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Postcard with nice image of crowds at the GTR railway station in North Bay. Passenger cars arrived.

Labeled in border ‘570   G.T.R. Station, North Bay, Ont.’

Interesting description written on back:

North Bay was a generation ago a small clearing on the edge of Lake Nipissing. It has now a population of nearly 11,000. It is an important railway centre a principal distribution point for supplies for the great mining district of Northern Ont. It is an important manufacturing centre and the headquarters for the French River tourists route on which steamers are daily employed during the summer seasons. It is on the mainline of the Canadian National & the C.P.R. railways.”

Publisher ’Novelty Mfg. and Art Co., Limited, Montreal.'

Left edge frayed.


Grand Trunk Railway (G.T.R.)

Beginning in 1886 the G.T.R. track was extended from Gravenhurst to Nipissing Junction. In 1889 the G.T.R. connected with the C.P.R. in Nipissing Junction bringing a huge amount of traffic from southern Ontario and where they had running rights to the C.P.R. depot.

In 1906 a line was built from Toronto to Sudbury which dramatically decreased the amount of rail traffic going through Nipissing Junction.

The agreement between the G.T.R. and C.P.R. lasted until 1911 when the G.T.R. came to an agreement with the T. &N.O. to utilize their facilities in North Bay. This made the G.T.R. the third railway to arrive in North Bay.