Canada political satiric $1 bill from 'Banque du Monopoly à Caouette'

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Satirical political item attacking the federal Social Credit Party, whose leader was Réal Caouette in the 1970s. Loosely based on Canadian $1 bill.

"Ottawa 19998"

"Entitled to no (Social) Credit     Refusera au porteur sur demande"

"D'une faillite à l'autre" (from one failure to another)

"Une piastre sans valeur"  (one buck without value)

"Une douleur" (one pain)

'Signed' by Robert Thompson and Réal Caouette (two leaders of Party).

7 x 15.5 cm


David Réal Caouette (September 26, 1917 – December 16, 1976) was a Canadian politician from Quebec. He was a Member of Parliament (MP) and leader of the Social Credit Party of Canada and founder of the Ralliement des créditistes.

Caouette mixed Social Credit's traditional social conservatism with ardent Quebec nationalism. A populist leader and charismatic speaker, Caouette appealed to those who felt left out and pushed aside by financial institutions, traditional politicians, and what they perceived as elitist intellectuals.