Canada photo postcard trying saddle wild horse Winnipeg Stampede 1913

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RPPC photo postcard for the second Stampede ever held.  Cowboys try to saddle a wild horse at one of the events. Once saddled, a rider had to get on the animal to compete for one of six prizes that included, from first to sixth: $1,000, $500, $250, saddle, silver spurs, pair of chaps


No Saddle for him
Winnipeg Stampede 1913  Photo by Marcell - Calgary


After the first one in Calgary in 1912, the next year it was moved to Winnipeg. After going to NYC in 1916, and then being cancelled during WW1, the fourth Stampede returned to Calgary, where is has been held ever since.

The Winnipeg Stampede was held 9-16 August 1913.

Based on ‘AZO’ photographic paper used, card dates from 1904-1918.


Crease left border, UL croner. Toning and smudging on back

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)



Doc Marcell was an itinerant Rodeo photographer who traveled and photographed the various Rodeos and Stampedes of the West. He was the Official photographer of the Calgary Stampede in 1912 and produced many photos at the Winnipeg Stampede.

Exhibitions and fairs with various rodeo events were held throughout eastern Canada and the USA since the late 1800s. Winnipeg businessman James Ryan S, W.H. Fares and F.H. Moon seeing the success of the Calgary Stampede in 1912 run by Guy Weadick, convinced Guy to run the Stampede in Winnipeg in 1913 after the Calgary promoters decided not to run one in 1913. In January 1913 Weadick negotiated with the syndicate headed by James Ryan to bring the Stampede to Winnipeg in August and raise $20.000 to run the event with. Winnipeg was home to the second official Stampede which was the name officially applied to the shows put on by Guy Weadick. The Winnipeg Stampede of 1913 was not a financial success and Winnipeg did not have any further Stampedes run by Guy Weadick…It was not until the fourth Stampede in Calgary in 1918 that success was brought with the Stampede events