Canada photo postcard The Old Mill, Humber Valley Toronto c. 1930s

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Real photo postcard with bucolic view of the Humber Valley in Toronto, with Humber River and remains of the Old Mill. In the background, stone bridge over the river. Location now surrounded by city.

Printed on the lower border ‘THE OLD MILL, HUMBER VALLEY, TORONTO, CANADA

Based on AZO photographic paper used, dates from 1924-1949.

Crease/crack UL corner. Small mark upper border.


(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)

The days of trading along the Humber Valley had transformed the Humber River into a vibrant industry of Mills throughout the Valley. By 1834 many mills were in operation along the banks of the Humber River which became the hub of both business and social activities of the day…

Not to be deterred, Gamble had a 4th Mill constructed, the stone, lumber and the heavy beams for this Mill came from the Humber Valley. The upper loft of the Mill served as a storage area for apples. During the frigid winters, the loft was kept heated by a wood-burning stove in order to prevent the apples from freezing. During the cold winter of 1881, the stove overheated and fire destroyed this latest Mill.