Canada photo Errington mine Flotation Plant Chelmsford Ontario c. 1930

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Large photo of interior the ore Flotation Plant at the Errington Mine Chelmsford. This is in the famous mining camp of Sudbury in Northern Ontario.

Photo of short-lived mine.

On back written:

Interior of Flotation Plant Errington Mine
Chelmsford Ont.


Also stamp:

Publicity Dept. 17, Cockspur St., London , S.W.1


Handwritten photo #29646

Comes from the estate of a French collector who died in 1947.

19 x 24 cm

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


Rayside-Balfour  is known primarily as an agricultural region, it also has a mining history.  As early as the late nineteenth century, prospectors and geologists showed interest in the region.  In 1897, James Stobie discovered mineral deposits on the banks of the Whitson River in the Township of Balfour

Also in 1897, Alphonse Ollier discovered ore on neighbouring lands.  From 1903 to 1924, Ollier tried to obtain financing to establish a mine but did not succeed in capitalizing on his discovery.  He soon sold his lands to Treadwell-Yukon Mining Ltd., (a company that Joseph Errington convinced to settle in the region) and it wasn't long before several farmers were also handing over their land.  The company built three mine shafts including the Errington main mine.

Although the ore found in these deposits was very rich, the structure was such that mining it was complex.  Treadwell-Yukon Mining Ltd. built an ore processing plant to determine the most appropriate processing method.  This pilot project continued until 1930.  The company hoped to build a plant that could process 2,000 tons of ore but the Great Depression which swept the continent put an end to this dream. Mining operations ceased in 1932.