Canada ‘Metropolitan Cook Book’ c. 1930

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Cookbook with recipes and ‘how-to’s’. Printed by Life Insurance company for its customers.

The Metropolitan Life Cook Book
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
 (e) 331 L.W. Printed in Canada

”Well-nourished bodies are largely dependent on healthful eating....This book has been prepared to help the housewife in her everlasting question , "What shall I have for dinner tonight".

A Few Useful Suggestions

It pays to buy clean food from clean stores.
MIlk and cream should be kept covered in an ice box.
Cheese should be wrapped in a clean cloth, dampened in vinegar, and kept in a cool, dry place......



  • Table of Measurement and Weights
  • Oven Temperatures
  • A few useful Suggestions
  • Beverages (Cocoa Syrup...)
  • Cereals (Browned Hominy...)
  • Batters (Sweet Milk Doughnuts...)
  • Griddle Cakes (Sour MIlk Griddle Cakes...)
  • Toast (French Toast...)
  • Bread and Bread Mixtures (Parker House Rolls...)
  • Soups (Scotch Broth...)
  • Fish (Codfish Balls...)
  • Meat (Veal and Ham Pie...)
  • Poultry (Chicken a la Maryland...)

64 pages + cover

Light crease on cover. Light pencil writing inside front cover title box.

7 ¾"  x 5 ⅜”