Campaign ribbon Democrat Robert Pattison Pennsylvania Governor c.1891

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Nice blue and gold ribbon with cello picture promoting the campaign of Democrat Robert E. Pattison for Pennsylvania Governor. He was elected Governor twice, from 1883 to 1887 and 1891 to 1895, unsuccessful in 1902.

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On back, manufacturer's paper label (union made):
  Allied Printing Trades Council Union Label
                8th & (SANSOM) PHILA.
Undated, guessing 1891 campaign.

Small holes at top where pinned. Small scrapes. Discoloration. Tiny fraying at very top & bottom.

7 ¼” x 2 ½”


Robert Emory Pattison (December 8, 1850 – August 1, 1904) was the 19th Governor of Pennsylvania from 1883 to 1887 and 1891 to 1895. Pattison was the only Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania between the Civil War and the start of the Great Depression.

Pattison's success at a young age led him to be promoted for other offices. He was the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for Mayor of Philadelphia in 1893, an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention in 1896, and an unsuccessful Democratic gubernatorial nominee for a third term as governor in 1902. The New York Times obituary of Pattison credited the stress of his final gubernatorial campaign against Samuel W. Pennypacker with leading to his death at the age of 53.