Cairo (Gizeh) Egypt set of 10 stereoscopic glass photo slides c. 1910

$350.00 CAD

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Set of ten stereoscopic glass positive photo slides of Cairo (Gizeh) Egypt and the area around it. These were taken by French travelers who were on a tour of the Mediterranean.


Hand-written descriptions on the middle space between the two identical photos.

#1 "4 Le Caire mosquee de Mahomd Ali 23Cairo mosque of Muhammed Ali

#2 "8 Le Caire Rue du vieux quartier 27Cairo street in the Old Quarter

#3 "9 Le Caire Route des pyramides 29Cairo route of the pyramids

#4 "10 Arrivé aux Pyramides 30Arrival at Pyramids

#5 "12 Halte au Sphynx 32Stop at the Sphynx

#6 "13 le Desert Ruines du TempleThe Desert Ruins of the Temple

#7 "14 Pyramides a l’assaut pacifique 35Peaceful assault of the Pyramids

#8 "15 Pyramides la caravane 36The caravan at Pyramids

#9 "16 Le Sphynx ses griffes 37The Sphynx its claws

#10 "17 Pyramides Sphynx  38Pyramids Sphynx

Condition good. There are some scratches on the photos, toning.

4,50 x 10,50 cm

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photos for sale)