c.1920 American YMCA women’s baseball team in Coblenz Germany

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Photo postcard of YMCA women volunteers baseball team. Wearing nurse’s uniforms with YMCA badges. Taken during US occupation of Germany after WW1. In 1920 Coblenz was the headquarters of American forces in Germany.

Stamped on back:

Lindstedt and Zimmermann
Coblenz am Rhine, Kaiserin–Augusta-Ring Nr. 3
Artistic Photographs, Medal for Photographic Work


Remnants of black paper on back where glued into photo album.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


During the American Occupation of Germany in 1919-1920, baseball teams were formed from the U.S. Army Nurse Corps and YMCA women volunteers. These teams barnstormed around Germany and in every venue they played were met by enthusiastic crowds. At the YMCA “Eagle” hut in London, these YMCA women workers also demonstrated baseball to the English soldiers.

The National WWI Museum and Memorial recently acquired two uniform pullovers from these baseball teams, one numbered “2” and the other “3.” They are made of wool, in the style of the U.S. Navy pullover shirt. It is not known where it was made or where the accompanying pants are. A variety of uniform types were worn by the teams, some issued by the YMCA and others privately-purchased.