c. 1910 France photo postcard of Sommer biplane at airfield

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Photo postcard group of men gathered around a Sommer biplane at a grass airfield. Numbered '75' on tail.

Papiers Photographiques R DUVAU Colombes


The Sommer 1910 Biplane was an early French aircraft designed by Roger Sommer. It was a pusher configuration biplane resembling the successful Farman III, and was built in large numbers for the time.

The prototype was first flown by Sommer on 4 January 1910 at Mouzon, when he managed three flights of over 4 km (2.5 mi) This first machine was sold to a M. Viateaux within two weeks, and by the end of February he had built a replacement and established a flying school at Mouzon. A large number of examples were built: by spring 1910 Sommer had sixty aircraft on order. Sommer had established flying school at Douzy using his machines.