c. 1880s USA 4 trade cards Holbrook Fine Ladies Shoes Utica NY

$30.00 CAD

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Set of four attractive trade cards for Holbrook Ladies Fine Shoes in Utica New York. Attractive image of babies playing, with vibrant gold background

At top of card stamped H. J. HOLBROOK & CO. Ladies Fine Shoes UTICA N.Y.

Each card has a French verse at the bottom


 'Bébé n'ira pas voir le feu d'artifice' Baby won't go see the fireworks

'OH! LE BON LOLO!' Oh! Good milk!

'JE VAIS FAIRE PEUR A MA BONNE!' I'm going to scare my maid!

Blank backs. Some paper thinning where mounted in album.

4 ½” x 3”