British Boys story paper and comic The Wizard #621 October 27, 1934

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Famous Football Story , Are you reading this  "The Team of Mystery Marvels"

Nice cowboy cover with 'WANTED Horse to carry Six-Gun Bradley".


Page of interesting facts
The Puzzle of the Wheezy Squeezy Box
The Armchair Sheriff
The Team of Mystery Marvels
One-Eyed Hooker Hawke
Spadger Isle (colour comic)
Exploits of Happy Harry, the Camera Man (colour comic)
Softie Simpkins (colour comic)
Nero and Zero (colour comic)
The Spy Catcher
Thruster John
The Country that Lost its Memory

Each story has an illustration.

Many ads: Pop pistol, Wrigley's, Cycle Lamp, Standard Fireworks books...

28 pages.

Condition is fair: cover and back has smudging/staining. Interior pages better. Binding on these comics are loose, paper quality is not the best. Pages detached from binding.  LL corner missing, affecting text. Browning of paper.


The Wizard was launched as a weekly British story paper on 22 September 1922, published by D. C. Thomson & Co. It was merged with The Rover in September 1963, becoming Rover and Wizard, and renamed The Rover in August 1969. The Wizard was relaunched on 14 February 1970, and continued until 10 June 1978, by which time 1,970 issues had been produced.