British Boys story paper and comic 'The Triumph' #483 January 20,1934

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The Boys Best Story Paper

Advertising Cover:

4 Fine Free Gifts Inside
What Every Boy Wants to Know about Flying
Novel 28-page album and 3 coloured picture cards given within. 21 more superb cards to be given away - 3 each week



The Mo'-Bike Cowboy
Nagashi of the Sahara
Bait for the Undersea Terror
Gaunt- Flying Spy
Jim and Jeff - The Quick-Change Twins
Mid-Air Tennis
The Invisible Avenger
Robot Ju-Ju
A Whale of a Catch


Each story has an illustration.

Many ads: wireless tool, books...

24 pages.

Condition is fair: cover and back has smudging/staining. Piece of front page missing, affecting image within. Interior pages better. Name written in pencil top of front page. Binding on these comics are loose, paper quality is not the best. Pages detached from binding. Browning of paper.


The Triumph was a British Story Paper for boys. It was published weekly by The Amalgamated Press based at Fleetway House in Farringdon Street, London.

Following on from the demise of The Rocket, it ran from October 1924 to May 1940 for a total of 814 issues.

During its long run it incorporated The Boy's Friend in January 1928, then The Gem in January 1940 for a short spell before itself being merged with The Champion.

Billed in some of its issues as 'Every Yarn's A Thriller', it featured a broad spectrum of thrilling adventure stories.