April 1940 photo German POWs disembarking from British sub HMS Snapper

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Propaganda photo of Germans POWs getting off the British submarine HMS Snapper, Harwich April 19th 1940. They were captured in battle off the coast of Norway.

Research shows that on April 12th 1940, the Snapper sank the small German tanker Moonsund with gunfire off Larvik, Norway. After firing on the ship from the surface, its crew abandoned ship. Six out of seven of the crew  were then picked up. The seventh could no longer be seen. Two of these subsequently died of shock and exposure in spite of strenuous efforts to save them. The remaining four, including the Captain, were kept in good heart for the rest of the patrol. Landed at Harwich on April 19th.

On tag glued to back:

N.P.M. German prisoners disembarking from British submarine 'Snapper', which took part in naval combat off the coast of Norway
230440/ 667-
(Keystone Illustration)
Censor approval No. A.7873

Stamps on back: ’Studio KEYSTONE-ILLUSTRATION…Paris’.

Description paper glued to back of photo.

Photo is 'curved'. Tag is yellowed.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale).


HMS Snapper was a Royal Navy S-class submarine which was launched on 25 October 1934 and fought during the Second World War. Snapper is one of 12 boats named in the song Twelve Little S-Boats.

...She went on to sink the small German tanker Moonsund, the German merchant Florida, the German auxiliary minesweepers M 1701 / H. M. Behrens and M 1702 / Carsten Janssen, the German armed trawler V 1107 / Portland and the Norwegian merchant Cygnus...

She left the Clyde on 29 January 1941 to patrol in the Bay of Biscay, never to return.