19th century stereoscopic photo Lower Town Quebec City - L.P. Vallee

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Stereoscopic photo card with Lower Town and Dufferin Terrace in Quebec City. Louis-Prudent Vallée was a famed photographer of latter half 19th century Quebec City.

On back:

Canadian Scenery by L.P. VALLEE
Portrait and Landscape Photographer
No. 39 St. John Street
Always on hand, Views of Quebec, of all Sizes

Written on back “Terrace & Lower Town”  “Terrasse vue de la Basse Ville Québec"

Smudges on back.

9 x 17,50 cm 


Louis-Prudent Vallée (1837-1905) belonged to a small group of photographic artists who in the second half of the 19th century portrayed the city of Quebec. He not only offered his highly artistic services as a portraitist, but also cornered the market in tourist scenes of Quebec and the surrounding region at a time when the travel industry and vacation resorts in the St Lawrence valley were enjoying an initial burst of popularity. From 1867, when he opened his first studio, until 1900 visitors to the city or to riverside resorts in Charlevoix and Kamouraska took away with them calling cards, stereoscopic cards, and medium-sized and large photographs, all signed by Vallée.