1999 guide ‘Nicolas Poussin - A Rediscovered Masterpiece’ Israel Museum

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Nice color guide for ‘Nicolas Poussin’s Destruction and Sack of the Temple of Jerusalem A rediscovered Masterpiece’ at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Bilingual: one side of pamphlet is 15 pages in English, the other 14 pages in Hebrew.

The 3 center pages have full page images of the painting.

27 x 20,50 cm.


"…Caesar [Titus] shouted and waved to the combatants to put out the fire; but his shouts were unheard as their ears were deafened by a greater din, and his gesticulations went unheeded amidst the distractions of battle and bloodshed. As the legions charged in, neither persuasion nor threat could check their impetuosity: passion alone was in command..."

This work from Poussin's early Italian period was commissioned by his patron Cardinal Francesco Barberini and offered as a gift to Cardinal Richelieu, the French head of state. After Richelieu's death, this painting changed hands many times and eventually reached England. Its whereabouts were unknown from the late 1700s until 1995, when it was rediscovered, restored, and gifted to the Israel Museum in 1998.