1954 movie title lobby card ‘Tennessee Champ’

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Nice movie related card that showcases boxing drama with Christian overtones. Comeback movie for Shelley Winters.

It’s fun and thrills when bombshell Shelley takes on a guy with a Sunday punch!
MGM presents
Shelley Winters Keenan Wynn Dewey Martin
Copyright 1954 Loews Incorporated
Property of National Screen Service Corp. Licenced for display only in connection with the exhibition of this picture at your theater. Must be returned immediately hereafter.  54/52

Stamped on back '6 DEC 30 53'.

Small tear top border, repaired with tape.  Missing bits of paper UL, UR and LL corners. Couple of other small tears. Light creases.

10” x 14”


Tennessee Champ is a 1954 drama with strong Christian overtones directed by Fred M. Wilcox and starring Shelley Winters, Keenan Wynn, Dewey Martin, and Charles Bronson (credited as Charles Buchinsky).

Sarah Wurble's husband Willy is the larceny-inclined manager of an illiterate, and very religious boxer from Tennessee named Danny. Gifted with a powerful punch and a nickname that gives the film its title, Danny mistakenly believes he killed a man defending himself in a street brawl, and goes on the lam as a prizefighter.

His Christian convictions turn out to be both a source of inspiration and, ultimately, conflict when Willy urges him to throw a fight (while mistakenly fearing Willy will turn him in on the murder charge if he doesn't). Credulity flies out of the window when Danny discovers the man he is to take on in the fixed fight is actually the man he thought he killed, Sixty Jubel, The "Biloxi Blockbuster." Danny's example of unwavering faith causes Willy to rethink his sinful ways.