1951 Korean War letter Gen. Young 2nd Inf, Div. praise French troops

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Typewritten letter dated 31 December 1951, from Robert N. Young Major General U.S. Army, Commanding Second Infantry Division. Praise for the French soldiers who fought beside them and were now returning to France.

Written after Battle of Heartbreak Ridge.

Letterhead with color 'Indianhead' insignia.

31 December 1951
To: All Departing Members of the French Battalion, 2d Infantry Division.
“…you will take with you the respect and admiration which can be given only to courageous, fighting soldiers by other soldiers who have fought beside you and who have shared the same dangers, victories and adversities…
Major General, U.S. Army


I assume multiple copies were made of this, and hand-stamped signature(?).

English on one side, French on the others

Multiple folds, some wear/toning.



Robert Nicholas Young (1900 – 1964) was a lieutenant general in the United States Army. He gained prominence in the 1950s as the commander of the 2nd Infantry Division during the Korean War and as commander of the Sixth United States Army.

From 1951 to 1952, Young commanded the 2nd Infantry Division. He led the division during the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge


The French Battalion of the United Nations Organisation was a battalion of volunteers made up of active and reserve French military personnel sent to the Korean Peninsula as part of the UN force fighting in the Korean War.

In the spring of 1951, the battalion crossed the 38th parallel into the Hwacheon region. The destruction of an engineering platoon led to a partial rout of the French Battalion. However, it allowed U.S. forces to stop the new Chinese offensive. In the fall of 1951, the French took part in the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge.  In the course of these combats which lasted a month, 60 French soldiers were killed and 200 were wounded.