1945 RCAF Twilight Concert programme No. 1 Y Depot (Canada)

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Sunday July 29th 1945.
Under direction of Warrant Office J. Miceli, kind permission of Wing Commander Norton M. C., DFC.

Inside left pages has music programme, right side has list of members of the RCAF band.

4 pages,

Strong vertical crease left side, folded horizontally. Bit of yellowing along spine on back cover.

20 x 12.5 cm


No. 1 Y Depot was a holding unit headquartered in Halifax, with detachments in several large Canadian cities, including Montreal and Toronto. It was more an address than a place of residency. Airmen on the move would be assigned to this unit for pay and rations, but could be and would be physically located just about anywhere. On final graduation from their last BCATP School one could be assigned to this unit, but still in residency at the last School until travel was arranged (usually by train), and then on the books of Y Depot while on the train, while in a hotel or barracks on the east coast waiting for a ship, and on board the ship taking them to Europe. It was common to have one or two weeks leave before leaving for Europe, and one would be on Y Depot books during this time. As a result, at any given time there were "serving members" of Y Depot spread all over the country.