1943 Montreal Quebec program Canary and Cage Bird Assn Show

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Nice WW2-era pamphlet for the 12th annual Canary and Cage Bird Association.

The Montreal Canary and Cage Bird Association
December 3rd & 4th 1943
ST. GEORGES CHURCH HALL  1103 Stanley St. opposite C.P.R. Station


Welcoming Message
Rules and Regulations
Prizes and Trophies
Grand National Show Canada  (list of participants) 


Lots of advertising:

  • Rennie Seeds
  • Winna Pugs
  • Domestic Bird Shop
  • L. Pichette pet shop
  • Dorchester Market
  • Ivy’s Florist
  • Lockie Aviaries
  • BROCK’s Bird Seed

8 page + covers

Vertical and horizontal creases.  Creasing around staples.

23,50 x 15,50 cm