1939 set of two WW2 photos of British destroyer HMS Gipsy sinking

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The British destroyer “Gipsy” sinking of the east coast of Britain, after hitting a mine.

FRANCE PRESSE VOIR 2.12.39  (Dec 2nd 1939)

Stamp on back:

French Society of Photo and Literary Reporting


Some staining on back. One photo has light brown spot UL in sky.

18 x 13 cm.


Le destroyer britannique “Gipsy” en train de couler au large de la côte orientale britannique, après voir heurte une mine.


Tampon sur le revers:

Société Française de Reportages Photographique et Littéraire.


Taches sur le revers.


HMS Gipsy was a G-class destroyer built for the Royal Navy during the 1930s. She spent most of the pre-war period as part of the Mediterranean Fleet. The ship was transferred to the British Isles to escort shipping in local waters shortly after the beginning of World War II. Less than a month after her arrival she struck a mine outside Harwich and sank with the loss of 30 of her crew. Her wreck was salvaged and slowly scrapped over the course of the war.