1935 USA cookbook  ‘Be an Artist at the gas range’

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Be an Artist at the gas range  Successful Recipes by the Mystery Chef

A complete Cookbook of Successful Recipes

Presented with the compliments of your Gas Company

Copyright 1935 Longmans Green & Co.

  • The Heart of any Home is the Modern Gas Kitchen
  • Explanation of Cooking Terms
  • Measuring
  • Breads (coffee ring, scotch scones...)
  • Cakes and fillings (caramel layer, orange cream filling...)
  • Cookies (molasses ginger, chocolate...)
  • Dessert Sauces (cream vanilla, orange...)
  • Eggs (baked in tomatoes, Mystery Chef...)
  • Fish  (Finnan haddie, croquettes...)
  • Griddle cakes, pancakes (French pancakes...)
  • Hors d’oeuvres (sardine canapes...)
  • Ice cream and frozen desserts (Philadelphia ice cream, sherbets...)
  • Meats, birds (chicken mousse, Lincoln ham...)
  • Pies (apple, red currant cream...)
  • Salads (Russia dressing, pineapple salad...)
  • Soups (cream bouillon...)
  • Vegetables (German potato balls, Lincoln sweet potatoes...)

Interspersed within recipes are a total of 73 Tips (to remove strong taste from lamb, making gravies, a tip on cake frosting...)

Bonus recipe on card 'Raw Salad.."

Creases front cover.

96 pages + covers 

8” x 5”