1935 pamphlet Mary Murray’s ‘Salad dressings to suit the Salads’

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A pre-view copy of MARY B. MURRAY'S Newest Book on SALAD DRESSINGS to SUIT the SALADS.
A few suggestions on how to mix the different kinds of dressings that best suit different kinds of salads,
…with the compliments of The Wesson Oil and Snowdrift People


Some content:

  • Luncheon Menus
  • Ravigote dressing
  • Veal Salad
  • Pear salad
  • Cranberry dressing
  • Asparagus salad
  • Chiffonade dressing
  • Alabama dressing
  • India Relish dressing…

Comes with a type-written letter from C.E. Michelson of Bound Brook New Jersey addressed to a Miss Lloyd:

“We have discovered a little pamphlet which we can’t resist passing on to you…recognizing you as a connoisseur of the correct combination of fine foods which make dining the pleasant occasion that it can be and not merely a matter of eating...”

Opens vertically.

38 pages, printed wrapper

Light toning on edges.

7" x 5'