1935 book ‘The Beginning of Things’ by Byerly (Ontario History)

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Details historical development of Guelph, Galt and Kitchener (Waterloo and Wellington Counties). Written by local historian A. E. Byerly (1894-1960).

                         The Beginning of Things
in Wellington and Waterloo Counties: with particular reference to Guelph,                                  Galt and Kitchener
                               By A.E. Ayerly
                 Illustrated by Marsh Leslie Marsh
                   Guelph Publishing Company
                       Guelph Ontario, 1935
                           Price 8 shillings.

Softcover book with great woodblock images.

Blank page, Title Page, Author Preface,106 pages, advertising page for others works by author, blank page.

Front cover: LR corner missing, crease LR corner. owner’s note in ink UR corner, stains. Back cover: chips and small tears along edges. Stain and spots. Inside blank page: notes with page numbers.

23.5 x 15 x 1 cm.


The Wellington County Historical Society was reorganized in 1931 with Dr. A. E. Byerly as Secretary. Major contributors to the Society were Byerly and David Allan. Membership climbed to 109 by 1934 when the Society hosted the Ontario Historical Society annual meeting in Guelph...The Society became dormant after 1936.

Dr. Alpheus Edward Byerly was a precise researcher and writer. Byerly was born in Iowa in 1894...moved to Guelph in 1924. He became interested in the early history of Guelpþ Fergus and Elora. He was a prolific writer. Some of his work included the Fergusson-Webster settlement under the title Fergus: The Beginning of Things, which was published on August 1, 1935. It was a consolidation of "Our History" articles published in the Guelph Mercury in 1934 and early 1935. These columns dealt with the early settlement of Wellington and Waterloo Counties.