1934/35 two political/propaganda 'Der Kampf' newsletters Austria

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Two national socialist newsletters dating to December 1934 and January 1935 of ‘Der Kampf’ (The Struggle) from the Burgenland and Lungau area of Austria. Published by socialist leader Otto Bauer.

This was a period of political turmoil in Austria, leading up to the Austrian Civil War, a few days of skirmishes between Fascist and Socialist forces between 12 and 16 February 1934.

4 pages each.

Paper is toned. Few small tears, missing bits of paper on edges. Folds.

27 x 19 cm.

Note: photos retouched to remove offensive symbol. Sale of these items is not support for the philosophies expressed, it is documenting the history of the era.


BAUER, OTTO (1881–1938), Austrian socialist leader; first foreign minister of the Austrian Republic (1918–19). Bauer, the son of a Jewish industrialist, became one of the most important Austro-Marxist theoreticians soon after joining the socialist movement along with many other young Jewish intellectuals of his time. In 1907, together with Karl Renner and Adolf *Braun, he founded the monthly Der Kampf, which became a forum for socialist discussion. …He praised the Jewish role in history, but argued that the Jews could not be regarded as a nationality, especially in Western Europe. He advocated assimilation and was sharply criticized by Zionists as a consequence. In November 1918, with the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War i, Bauer became foreign minister of the new Austrian Republic. He resigned in 1919 when his main objectives, a merger with Germany and retention by Austria of the German-speaking parts of the Tyrol, failed to materialize. When the Dollfuss regime came to power in 1934, Bauer took a leading part in the uprising of the workers in Vienna and subsequently took refuge in Czechoslovakia after its suppression.