1933 USA Kellogg's 'Keep on the Sunny Side of Life'

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Advertising and educational pamphlet from Kellogg on healthy living, bran recipes, daily menus,etc.. Great colour images.
Keep on the Sunny Side of Life
A new way of living

Printed Battle Creek Michigan 1933


  • Public enemy #1
  • What happens to the food you eat
  • The Dangers of Cathartics
  • Bran as a laxative food
  • What Bran adds to your menu
  • What is a 'Bulkless' meal
  • How to serve all bran in tempting ways
  • The seven day diet
  • Dieting for charm and chic
  • One hundred calorie portions..
  • A simple reducing diet for one week

34 pages

7  ¼ x 5 ¼