1933 Tour Brochure to Niagara Falls, Great Lakes, Chicago World’s Fair

$16.00 CAD

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Tours offered by H.W. Smith Tours, Washington D.C.

Escorted Private Car Parties from Washington and Baltimore August 3, 1933

Two days at Niagara Falls, with side trip across Lake Ontario to Toronto; Eight Days cruising your own Great Lakes aboard palatial oil-burning steamships; four days at Chicago World's Fair; one day in Buffalo. Sight-seeing tours. Practically every expense.
Over 3,500 miles, 15 days.


Map of Tour routes, daily itinerary.

Pictures and descriptions of cities and sights to be visited.

List of hotels: Niagara Falls (Temperance House), Chicago (Stevens Hotel), and Buffalo (Hotel Buffalo).

Great Lake ships ‘North American’ and ‘South American’.

Tour A: Niagara Falls, Great Lakes and World’s Fair.
Tour B: Niagara Falls and Great Lakes.
Tour C: Junior Cruise.


Prices, e.g. Tour A: One person, Pullman upper berth $132.70.

Condition: some ink blotch back page, tear at bottom of one fold. Horizontal crease upper part of pamphlet. Some slight yellowing of outer pages.