1933 photo postcard H.M. Aircraft Carrier ‘Hermes’ UK

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Photo of world’s first aircraft carrier ‘Hermes’ in motion in a harbour (UK?). She  was sunk sunk in WW2 by Japanese aircraft, 9 April 1942.

Written on back:

H.M. Aircraft Carrier Carrier Hermes 1|7|33


Smudging on back.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


HMS Hermes was a British aircraft carrier built for the Royal Navy and was the world's first ship to be designed as an aircraft carrier, although the Imperial Japanese Navy's Hōshō was the first to be launched and commissioned. The ship's construction began during the First World War but not completed until after the end of the war, delayed by multiple changes in her design after she was laid down.

…In January 1933, the carrier visited the Philippines for several weeks before returning to Hong Kong where she was given a brief refit. After short visits to Tsingtao and Wei Hai Wei, Hermes departed Hong Kong in mid-June for Great Britain. She reached Sheerness on 22 July, but the ship was transferred shortly afterwards to Chatham Dockyard and opened to the public during Navy Week in early August.