1932 photo of US biplanes flying in review, Albrook Field C.Z.

$30.00 CAD

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Large attractive photo of squadron of biplanes flying over hills of Panama.

I believe they could be Curtiss B-2 "Condor" bombers.

Info at bottom: …(2-8-32-9:15AM)…REVIEW AT ALBROOK FIELD, C.Z.

Cannot guarantee it is a period print.

10” x 7-1/2”


Albrook Air Force Station is a former United States Air Force facility in Panama.

After World War I, it became apparent to military planners that air power, especially naval air power, constituted a serious threat to the safety of the Panama Canal. The one existing airfield (France Field) was too small, had a poor landing surface, offered no room for expansion, and provided little defense for the Pacific entrance to the Canal. Construction for an air base at Albrook Field was authorized by Congress in 1928, and $1.9 million was appropriated. Actual construction began in 1930 and most was completed in 1932. Albrook Army Airfield was commissioned in April 1932 as an active air field.