1931 German prepaid postcard anniversary 1921 plebiscite Upper Silesia

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Ten year anniversary of the plebiscite held after WW1 in Upper Silesia to decide whether to join Poland or Germany. In the end the region was split between the two countries.

Oberschlesien. 22. März 1921 – 1931  Upper Silesia 1921 - 22 March - 1931

Postmarked  ‘Kiel 21.3-.31

Two stains on lower edge. Couple of creases (2 corners, top edge)


The Upper Silesia plebiscite was a plebiscite mandated by the Versailles Treaty and carried out on 20 March 1921 to determine ownership of the province of Upper Silesia between Weimar Germany and Poland. In the 1921 plebiscite, 40.6% of eligible voters decided to secede from Germany and become Polish citizens. In total over seven hundred towns and villages voted in majority to secede from Germany and become part of Poland.