1930 photo of Atlantic City NJ taken from LZ127 Zeppelin

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German photo, titled on back:

       Zeppelin - Weltfahrten
Bild Nr. 200   – Süd-Amerika-Fahrt
     Atlantic City bei New York
264 echte Bromsilber - Fotos


      Zeppelin - World Tour
Photo No. 200 South America trip
      Atlantic City near New York
264 real silver bromide - Photos

One of a series of cigarette card photos.

Nice condition

4.25 x 6 cm.


LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin was a German-built and -operated, passenger-carrying, hydrogen-filled, rigid airship which operated commercially from 1928 to 1937. When it entered commercial service in 1928, it became the first commercial passenger transatlantic flight service in the world. It was named after the German pioneer of airships, Ferdinand von Zeppelin, who was a count (Graf) in the German nobility. During its operating life, the airship made 590 flights covering more than 1.7 million kilometers (over 1 million miles). It was designed to be operated by a crew of 36 officers and men. The LZ 127 was the longest rigid airship at the time of its completion and was only surpassed by the USS Akron in 1931. It was scrapped for fighter plane parts in 1940.