1929 vintage recipe book ‘Flavor and Spice’ McCormick & Co.

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Nice vintage recipe pamphlet published by McCormick food company, promoting their Bee Brand Spices. Soon, the Great Depression.

FLAVOR AND SPICE And All Things Nice
Copyright 1929 by McCormick & Co., Inc.

Inside has letter from Director Home Economics Department, Baltimore MD.

Packed with recipes in such categories as:

  • Cakes (Bee Brand Spice Cake, Afternoon Tea Cakes…)
  • Candies (Black Walnut Divinity…)
  • Cookies (Surprise Doughnuts…)
  • Frostings (Butter Frosting…)
  • Puddings (Poor Economy…)
  • Desserts (Pineapple Gelatine…)
  • Hot Breads (Cheese Biscuits…)
  • Ice Cream (Peach Sherbet, Mint Ice…)
  • Salads (Spiced Apple Salad…)
  • Sandwiches (Mustard Butter Sandwiches…)
  • Pickles Pickled Beets…)
  • Relish (Pickled Peaches…)
  • Beverages (“How to make Tea the Banquet Way”, Spiced Syrup…)
  • “The Modern Art of Coloring in Foods”
  • Miscellaneous (Chicken Curry, Spiced Cranberry Jelly…)

32 pages

Scuff on left side of cover affecting image. Front cover small damage around staples. Small piece missing left edge of back cover .

8” x 5”

A 25-year-old Baltimore man named Willoughby M. McCormick founded the company in 1889 when he began making fruit syrups, juices, flavoring extracts, and root beer in his home. McCormick enlisted three young assistants to help with production and with door-to-door sales. Early marketing techniques included the use of the Bee Brand and Silver Medal labels and the adoption of the motto: “Make the Best—Someone Will Buy It.” The company earned a reputation not only for its condiments and other consumables but also for such household and medicinal products as Iron Glue (“Sticks Everything But the Buyer”) and Uncle Sam’s Nerve and Bone Liniment (“For Man or Beast”).

Within a year, the company was profitable enough to move to larger quarters. At this time, McCormick added a number of new products, including food colorings, cream of tartar, liver pills, castor oil, talcum powder, witch hazel, blood purifier, cold cream, bay rum, tooth powder, and toilet water