1927 London UK advertising postcard Adelphi Theatre play ‘Broadway’

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Postcard from Adelphi Theater Strand London W.C. advertising the new Jazz-Age play from Philip Dunning George Abbott “Broadway’.

MUSICAL PLAYS in association with JED JAMES
A New Play in Three Acts

Small paper loss UL corner. On back remnants of black mounting paper in corners.

13.50 x 9 cm


‘Broadway’ was regarded at the time as one of the best and slickest crime plays seen on the stage, laying bare the gangster racket in New York at the height of Prohibition in the mid 1920s. It was staged in both New York and London and was described as a thoroughly modern melodrama, although Theatre World insisted that the correct description, although a hybrid expression, was in fact a comedy drama.

‘Broadway’ was probably the best kind of American crook play, with speed, grip and probability and was written and directed by Phillip Dunning and George Abbott in three acts. It was originally staged at the Broadhurst Theatre New York on 16th September 1926 and ran for 603 performances until February 1928.

The London production, with an all American cast (that included Roy Lloyd who had appeared in the original New York show) was staged initially at the Strand Theatre on 22nd December 1926 and was then transferred to the Adelphi Theatre in early 1927, running for 252 performances.